Y7 Yoga

The geniuses at Y7 have combined subtle heat with candlelight and quality sound for a really perfect yoga experience- we’re obsessed.

On Classpass, Y7 offers three options: Slow Burn, Vinyasa, and Hip Hop Wednesdays. Y7 is as famous as a yoga studio can be for their hip-hop theme classes a la Jay Z vs Beyonce, Outkast & Aaliyah. I haven’t yet been to one of these, but it is possible to book them on Classpass (just book the Wednesday evening Vinyasa). Slow Burn is more restorative, but you’ll still work up a sweat. Vinyasa is more of a power class- expect to sweat and eventually guide yourself through the asanas to great music.

As mentioned, the ambiance in a Y7 class is unbeatable. It’s not a hot yoga class, but the room is gently heated. There is no artificial light- only candles that are strategically snuffed throughout the class. The sound system is amazing and it pumps the most perfect music through the studio. They somehow have managed to mix traditional yoga tunes with hip hop and the results are heavenly. If heaven is Andre 3000 in crow pose. And it is.

The instructors I’ve taken classes with at Y7 have all been phenomenal: Alexandra, Daniela (aka Lizzie Caplan doppleganger), and Mariel. Their teacher training must be out of control, because I’ve never been guided through a flow quite like these ladies work. The Vinyasa class works up to a self-guided practice, which is nerve-wrecking but fun, and the instructors really get into your head with meditations on setting goals etc. A Y7 class is often like a sweaty therapy session.

I also appreciate Y7’s brand- whoever runs their Instagram account is on point and I want one of their “Brooklyn We Flow Hard” sweatshirts for Christmas! Mats and towels are both $2. Water is available. You’ll need all of these things.

Downsides? Not many, but convenience rings a bell. It’s all the way at the water in Williamsburg (moving to the waterfront just to be closer to Y7 has crossed my mind). Also, there are no showers and the lobby is quite small, so don’t expect to hang out before or after class.


Sweat ☆☆☆☆
Burn ☆☆☆☆
Studio Quality ☆☆☆☆
Overall Rating ☆☆☆☆
Class Length 60 minutes

Studio Tips

Water Free filtered water available
Towels $2
Mats $2
Showers No
Products N/A
Lockers No