Brooklyn Bodyburn

Brooklyn Bodyburn has a reputation as the “hardest class on Classpass,” which is exactly how I describe it to Bodyburn virgins. It is hard. You will sweat, you will burn, you will think you can’t finish. I’ve been in a class where a girl just straight gave up- it’s that hard. But somehow, you’ll also find yourself wanting to come back in some sadist, Christian-Grey-esque way. Is Christian Grey’s Red Room of Pain actually a Bodyburn studio? I digress.

Brooklyn Bodyburn is based on the Lagree Method, which has also given rise to the SLT and Solidcore workouts. I can’t speak for SLT (although I hear it’s a cakewalk compared to Bodyburn), but I was introduced to Lagree in a Solidcore class in DC. I left Solidcore blown away by the workout, but underwhelmed by the loud music and insane instructors. Since Brooklyn Bodyburn is painfully close to my apartment in Cobble Hill, I figured I had to try it again. The music and instructors are much less hate-able, although the workout is equally difficult. Marcus, Kelly, and Abby have all been great in my experience!

The thing about Bodyburn is that it never gets “easier”- once you learn the groove of the class, the instructors catch on and make sure you’re doing the moves correctly or modifying them to burn even more. There are two main sections of the 50-minute class: legs and arms, with abs and obliques peppered throughout. Marvelous. You’re working with varying resistance levels on a machine called the megaformer, which is similar to a Pilates reformer in that there is a carriage and springs. I do a lot of reformer classes, though, and can guarantee you I have never sweat the way I do in Bodyburn! Exercises like the Dancing Bear and Reverse Lizard are done for timed intervals (of, like, 3 minutes each. ouch.) that you think will never end. And when you think the instructor is going to give you a break, she’s actually about to have you do a hold.

One legitimate downside to Bodyburn is that it kills my wrists and feet, so I’m almost thankful I can only do 3 classes each month. Not only is this a hard class physically, it’s also hard to get into! Bodyburn is definitely one of the classes you have to snatch up at the stroke of noon. Even still, I usually end up in the 6:30am class wondering why I’m awake. But I’ll always be back, because it’s the best/hardest/fiercest class on Classpass.


Sweat ☆☆☆☆
Burn ☆☆☆☆☆
Studio Quality ☆☆☆
Overall Rating ☆☆☆☆☆
Class Length 50 minutes

Studio Tips

Water $2
Towels Free
Showers No
Products N/A
Lockers Keyless & Free