SWERVE is a competitive spin class on the boutique-iest block in Union Square (you’ll have to pass The Movement, Soul Cycle etc to enter). I get a consistently great cardio workout at any SWERVE class, the music is loud and the studio dark (great for a spin class), and the instructors are generally upbeat and motivating. The class is broken into three teams (red, blue and green) who are competing against each other in sprints throughout the 45 minutes. To me, this competition is motivating even though my team always seems to lose. I swear it isn’t me. Okay, it probably is.

You will work up a sweat, but as with most spin classes, this is a cardio-heavy workout similar to running. Don’t expect to be extremely sore, but it is the perfect calorie-killing workout during the week! You can expect 40 minutes of climbs and sprints, with about 5 minutes of light-weight arm exercises on the bike about 35 minutes in to the class. If you do barre classes or mat pilates, you’ll probably be familiar with these arm exercises (and pulse, and pulse). They suck, but you’ll live. Unless you’re a dude who rarely pulses- then you might die. Sorry!

In any spin class, I’m evaluating five key areas: music, darkness, stats, instructors and free shit. The music at SWERVE is usually a perfect blend of 90’s hits and trap classics. They do some themed rides like Halston’s Trap vs. Rap class (amazing), but most are straightforward. SWERVE also keeps their classes pretty dark, so you can really get in the zone. The way different studios do their bike computers/stats is nuanced, but I love SWERVE’s stats system. You get to see your RPMs and resistance at all times, so you know your power score as you go. It helps to set goals and pushes me to work harder. They also send your stats in a nice infographic right after class. In terms of instructors, I loved Dyan and Halston; Jason was a bit less energetic, although it could have just been an off-day. Finally, I know that the free shit isn’t actually free. I get it. But when you’re doing Classpass instead of paying the normal class price, you want all the freebies you can get. I appreciate that SWERVE does free shoe rentals and towels, but water is $2.

The studio itself is pretty nice- there are free, keyless locks when you walk in, and the folks who work the front desk are always nice. The locker rooms have a few showers with fancy L’Occitane products, so you can do an early morning class and head to work afterwards. On high-traffic mornings, the women’s locker room gets pretty steamy, but it does the trick.


Sweat ☆☆☆☆
Burn ☆☆☆
Studio Quality ☆☆☆☆
Overall Rating ☆☆☆☆
Class Length 45 minutes

Studio Tips

Water $2
Towels Free
Showers Yes
Products L’Occitane + Hairdryers
Lockers Keyless & Free