New York Pilates

New York Pilates is a gem of a basement-level pilates studio in the West Village. They’ve managed to make an underground room feel naturally bright, well-lit, and inviting, which is nothing short of a miracle. The branding is also cute and modern, which adds to the appeal.

Classes at New York Pilates range from Restorative to Beginner/Slow to Open Level to Advanced. In my experience, the difficulty level depends on the instructor. Jamie Ehrlich’s classes are tough- I’ve taken Advanced and Open Level with her. Both were pretty difficult, but well-taught. Gio Gamna is a complete sweetheart, and I can count on her classes being a bit slower. You’ll leave feeling well-aligned and stretched.

As I mentioned, the studio is very nice for a basement-level space. It’s a large room divided into two areas: a space for private lessons, and one for group classes. Green plants hang from the ceilings and give the space a natural and warm ambiance- it’s lovely! There are a few changing rooms, but no showers.


Sweat ☆☆☆
Burn ☆☆☆
Studio Quality ☆☆☆☆
Overall Rating ☆☆☆☆
Class Length 60 minutes


Water Free filtered water available, bottles available for purchase
Towels Free
Mats n/a
Showers No
Products n/a
Lockers No, but cubbies are available

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